Great Rug Cleaning


We understand that you have options when it comes to owning and cleaning and Oriental rug. That it is difficult to clean and maintain these beautiful objects and that you can’t trust just anyone to get the job done correctly. We are a group of rug enthusiasts that have the knowledge and tools needed to clean your rug with a level of perfection that is not seldom seen in the industry.

In order to fully appreciate our rug ownership, we believe that we need to uphold our promise to deliver the best services possible at an affordable price. We believe in a different type of cleaning wherein everyone is able to afford it. That you do not have to be rich to buy an Oriental rug and that you certainly do not need to be rich in order to have it properly cleaned.

We will deliver

We use the utmost in steam cleaning technology in order to ensure that your rug is cleaned properly and with care. From steam cleaning to spot removal, we are able to clean any rug with the utmost in confidence and ability. Especially when it comes to old rugs, we use the utmost in care to clean and repair your rugs with the greatest of ease. For us, there is noting better than a satisfied customer, and we have a network full of satisfied customers.

In order to give you an idea of our rate of customer satisfaction, simply check out some of our online reviews. We guarantee that if you choose us, that you will become part of the group of satisfied customers that believes in what we are doing. When it comes to cleaning rugs, nobody does it like us and we would be happy to prove our work for your next rug cleaning project.