About Us


There are some things that you can change and some things that you cannot. What you cannot change is the fact that rugs are difficult to clean. What you can change is the way in which you choose to tackle the problem. We offer the best in rug cleaning and have a reputation for quality that has allowed us to become the successful business that we are.

Our cleaning services are second to none. We use the latest in cleaning technology in order to ensure that your rugs are clean and preserved. As people that are rug collectors ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to clean rugs and how expensive they can be. We promise that we will treat your rugs the same way that we would treat ours, which is with the utmost of care.

We love what we do and that reflects in our work. A person that knows about rugs can tell that our cleaning service is much better than our competitors. There is something about what we do that is not only our passion but our job as well, both of which we take very seriously. If you have had your rug cleaned recently, try our service, you will see the difference.

Let us be the next company that you choose in order to have your rug cleaned. Our experience, passion, and equipment are the reasons that we have become the company that we are today. We promise that our level of commitment is unlike any other company.