Rugs done differently

An Oriental rug gives people a way to tie their room together while displaying their beautiful investment. As a group of rug collectors, we understand what goes into maintaining an Oriental rug, and are here to make sure that the rugs of our customers are kept in pristine order. There is nothing like a clean, fresh rug to give a room the perfect accent and show guests your unique taste and style.

A Persian rug is often displayed with pride, but will begin to get dirty and become damaged with enough foot traffic. Cleaning rugs is notoriously expensive and difficult without the right equipment, but is sometimes the only option for families on a budget. Since we blossomed from humble beginnings, we have made it our goal to make rug cleaning and repair affordable for families regardless of their budget.

Oriental rugs are something that should be able to be enjoyed by all, not just the wealthy, so we use our services at a low price and are simply the best in rug cleaning and repair. Don’t hide away your rug in fears that you will never be able to afford to have it cleaned or repaired, instead let us use our high tech equipment and knowledge to keep your rug looking its absolute best. We handle rugs of all shapes and sizes an promise that you will be satisfied with our services and moving service in Oakland, CA affiliates. 

A reputation of quality

For the twenty plus years that we have been in business, we have created a network of loyal customers and rug enthusiasts that are the backbone of our company. Without the knowledge of our customers, we never would have been able to implement the cleaning and repair tactics that we use, and we never would have been able to learn as much as we know about all things rug related.

We have worked with both commercial and residential customers, and have cleaned and repaired rugs of all shapes and sizes. From a good steam clean to the best methods of spot treatment and stain removal, we have picked up information along the way that has helped us serve future customers and businesses. Everyone with an Oriental rug knows the pain involved with keeping it looking nice, and is something that we understand very well.

We hope that you will become part of a network that grows larger by the day and is not only a cleaning company, but a community that appreciates the art of owning an Oriental rug and is open to sharing knowledge about the industry. There is nothing like having an educated network of people with the same interests, able to share ideas openly and keep our business going and growing, making us the best movers in Concord, CA.

You have a choice when it comes to cleaning rugs, and we hope that you will be the next customer to give us a try. You will soon see that our level of cleaning and competence is above that of our competitors and that our customers keep coming back for a reason.